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While it is true that any music store in any town will have jazz, there are some shops that are better than others. The trick is to find classic out-of-print gems or new indy titles that fly below the radar of standard distribution. We hope this list will broaden your options.

If you know of a shop or online vendor with notable jazz offerings use our submission form to let us know. This will give the vendor a bit of exposure and give the jazz community a broader spectrum of available resources.
Jazz Books on Amazon
 A search of books on Amazon will yield over 7,300 results for Jazz. This may not be the only source of books. This might not even be the best. But it sure has a bunch of em.

Jazz Music on Amazon
 A quick search on amazon will yield over 48696 results for jazz music. This is not the only source you should look to for your jazz music. But it is certainly one you should consider.

Sheet Music Plus
 A large online library of sheet music (387,000 titles), theory books, and collections.

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