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Jazz Sources

  Fortunately jazz has become a subject of interest to collectors and scholars alike. This means a number of dedicated individuals and institutions with the time, energy, enthusiasm and even on occasion the financial support to amass archives of jazz records, photography, and other historical documents. These archives are resource not to be ignored.

  Auctions can be an excellent source for material that has not been on the open market for years or even decades.

For Sale
  While it is true that any music store in any town will have jazz, there are some shops that are better than others. The trick is to find classic out-of-print gems or new indy titles that fly below the radar of standard distribution. We hope this list will broaden your options.

For Trade
  The jazz community if filled with enthusiasts willing to trade rarity for rarity. This is a source of historic jazz not to be dismissed. However, when it comes to indy music we encourage you to go ahead and use word-of-mouth to find the music but then make a direct purchase from the indy label producing it. Any time you find a label willing to record, produce and market next generation jazz you need to support that label directly. Think of it like tomato plants in a garden. If they receive water they can thrive, if they don't they will shrivel up and die. If you don't like tomatoes you may not care. If you like the taste of fresh home grown tomatoes then don't be grudge the water.