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Kristin Korb at the Lighthouse Cafe

On the occasion of my brother Rumaldo=92s =A051st birthday ,
we entered the Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach California for an
enjoyable breakfast and some live Jazz. From the rear entrance, we
could see faint white hand painted sign. You don=92t see many hand
painted signs anymore. The sign was =A0barely visible on the rough outer
brick building that contained one of the oldest Jazz Clubs in Los
Angeles, the Lighthouse Cafe. My understanding is a lighthouse
represents a beacon or light which can be seen in great turbulence or
stormy weather. Through a thin dark hallway we were led into the
intimate inner chamber where the Krisin Korb trio featuring visiting
Kathleen Grace had just begun their first set. We were greeted by the
hostess and booking agent Gloria Cadena. She took us to our bar style
seating where we got an upright barstool view of the featured
entertainment. My first impression contained hearing the quality of
the music. The sounds felt quit smooth and guided
=A0by the deep rumblings of Kristin=92s Stand up bass. The buildings inner
space felt soft and comfortable. My impression also contained seeing
Kristin Korb in her white eyelet gown =A0which vaguely reminded me of
the mood during the 1970's and a dance show with the real Don Steele.

It was all black and white back then! As mentioned, We walked in part
way into the first number as Kristin was talking about her life and
then chose a Portuguese tune to entertain the audience. She sang the
enchanting Portuguese lyrics as she fingered her bass with great style
and verve while the audience settled back into their seats. Joining
her on this date, Her band de jour had Mahesh Balasooriya on keyboards
with Matt Mayall on drums accompanied by the vocals of Kathleen Grace.

My group could see out the large front window the beach urchins and
Champagne Brunch crowd acting out their part in our drama. The bar
walls were filled with the obligatory invocation of black and white
photos of Jazz great
=A0s. After a couple of numbers, Kathleen Grace joined the Kristin Korb
trio to perform the vocals for "Pretty Girls" from West Side Story.

Kristin and Kathleen sang with crispness and great humor while Mahesh
intoned and Matt brushed on the musical landscape.. (Part 1) Kristin
Korb Trio featuring Kathleen Grace 09/14/09