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Pancho SAnchez at the Jazz Bakery

Hello and welcome to TheJazzWebsite. Stay tuned and pick up what we are layn down. This website supports the Legends of Jazz and the frontier leaders in the theatre of Jazz. Here is a tip for you aficionados interested in finding out where to hang out and who to listen to.

2007 Joseph De Mario
In West Los Angeles, where earlier hot fresh bread was trucked out into the neighborhoods from the well known Helms Building , there now rest a casual down lit club called the Jazz Bakery, where the buoyant aroma of hot fresh Jazz notes exude unabashed. The lobby and bar are filled with black and white photography while the Auditorium is stuffed with oversized oil paintings of Jazz Greats by Scott Laumann
The artist , Scott Laumann is exhibiting his large scale portraiture of artist such as Billie Holiday, Louis Armstr ong, Charles Mingus, Bill Evans and Art Blakey in the concert hall. Lauman' s exhibition is a great accompaniment to the musical entertainment at The Jazz Bakery located at 3233 Helms avenue in Culver City. Did I say Latin Jazz. Afro Cuban celebration? Well. Just Last Saturday
Scott Laumann
night I had the privelage of seeing one of Latin Jazz Legends, Mr. Pancho Sanchez, the eminent Conguero. What a fantastic show! His opening number at the Jazz Bakery was Night Walk from El Conguero which was recorded at Yamaha Studios in Glendale California in 1985. This was certainly a little fine home grown for La Familia. Panchos Sanchez's music is filled with stories and rhythmic songs. He next played Sambia. from his music entitled Latin Spirits..

In the original recording of Latin Spirits the title track was ignited by the combustible piano work of Mr.Chic Corea. At the Jazz Bakery our nights music was peppered with solo's from various ensemble members particularly the horn sections. My favorites were the Trombone player Mr. Francisco Torres who played several high energy solos. He looked like a man loosing his grip on a slippery fish. Also, Javier Vergara, the sax player regaled us with tails of both the soft and sultry as well as the off note barks and squeals which takes Jazz music into another dimension. Transition.

From Left to Right: David Torres, Larry Sanchez, Joey De León (foreground), Tony Banda, George Ortiz, Poncho Sanchez, Francisco Torres, Ron Blake, Javier Vergara Pancho Sanchez finished the night off with dancing
and a upbeat soulful song. His latest release entitled
Raise Your Hands was released May 22 2007. He sang ,encouraged, cajoled and directed us to raise our hands if we wanted to testify! We obliged him with our hearts on fire. Pancho Sancez has several dates booked in Los Angeles throughout the month of August 2008. And He just finished up a visit to the Long Beach Jazz festival which is the home of KJAZZ. Pancho Sanchez is performing in LA in August. So. Your tips are to get yourself over to the Jazz Bakery and enjoy the unbeatable line up and style. Also Check out Pancho Sanchez and his ensemble while time still exists. Are you pickn up what im puttn down. If you are, enjoy some bodies Jazz tonite.