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Audio content is Jazz. The process of creating jazz and listening to jazz is the point. And where better to learn about what's good, not so good, new, reprised, cutting edge, and classic then from the jazz community.

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A Love Supreme
 John ColtraneJazz at its best, very pure music that comes straight from the soul, masterfully played.

Good Vibes
 Bachtold & GoldSmooth melodies showcase a jazz fusion. Mellow keys and vibes are backed up by slinky rhythms and a gently driving bass. A sizzling easy-listening compilation, recalling nights of hot, sultry urban jazz.

It Pays To Be Ignorant
 The MoronsnO lINer noTeS -- we cant rite.

Mill Street Jazz Lab I
 Mill Street Jazz LabA collection of songs featuring flute in an array of styles, ranging from slow sinuous melodic to on-the-edge experimental, with some tunes making a gracious bow to cool jazz standards. Throughout, the flute dances and plays with guitar, keys, rhythm and brass, with occasional tastes of world-beat and Latin polyrhythms.

Mill Street Jazz Lab II
 Mill Street Jazz LabThis CD is a compilation of tunes ranging from slowly sinuous to a driving up-tempo. Tenor sax weaves its way throughout in a bebop style, with free-form creative experimentation and many bursts of brilliance.

 simakDIALOGCompelling Indonesian electro-acoustic progressive jazz-fusion with a distinctive cultural bent. For its first international release Jakarta-based simakDialog delivers Patahan, a live recording that suggests how Pat Metheny might sound were he from the Far East rather than the United States. A combination of electric and acoustic instruments, the 14 year-old group is innovatively propelled by two percussionists rather than a conventional drummer, but the result is no less powerful. Keyboardist/composer Riza Arshad, guitarist Tohpati and bassist Adhhitya join vocalist Nyak Ina Raseuki and percussionists Endang Ramdam and Emy Tata for five lengthy, episodic and finely detailed compositions that create a unique nexus of jazz and less-traveled ethnicity. Expansive solos, rich harmonies, telling interplay and propulsive rhythms make Patahan a genre-busting album that demands to be heard.

Promises Made
 MILLENNIUM PROMISEPromises Made, a full-length Jazz CD featuring
Whalum, Takana, Grammy®-winning vocal ensemble Take 6, veteran music producer George Duke and guitarist Earl Klugh, among others.

Quincy Floyd Quintet
 Quincy Floyd QuintetA jazz/blues fusion with subtly interwoven melodic structurings. Fine interplays of guitar, keys and rhythm section invoke an easy-listening sound with some wonderful experimentation.

The Collection - Cynthia Basinet CD Review
 Cynthia BasinetFor Cynthia Basinet, her voice itself is an instrument; in terms of emotional power, it's a lethal weapon. Sensual, emotionally damaged and world-weary, Basinet's vocals have the makings of a film noir femme fatale...

Three Suites
 Duke EllingtonJazz version of Nutcracker suite

Zaphod & the New Harmonics
 Zaphod & the New HarmonicsEverybody in the galaxy listens to Zaphod & the New Harmonics. From the Central Core to the furthest reaches of Sector RMB81, their space soul, rock & roll sound is heard all over Sub- and Macro-space and those who can't make it to their live gigs listen to their recordings on microchip.

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