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The Recorder

i was instructed =A0by my music teacher to purchase a
recorder for under 30$ at a local music store. So, i found myself in
my local Sam Ash store in Hawthorne California with many choices.

There were bright sparkly recorders probably for children,tiny midsize
recorders in hard plastic packaging. After shopping for a while my
choice became clear. what i wanted was mid to larg type =A0recorder to
produce, hopefully, a fuller tone. =A0It feels good to have a weight
that can be felt in the hand. So, after looking through several , my
choice was the Yamaha Alto Recorder. It comes in a small hemp bag and
contains some Recorder creme and a wand for cleaning the inside of the
instrument. With my selection, i happily made my way to the cashier.

The recorder cost $21.95. The salesperson at =A0the Sam Ash store was
very helpful. If you are new to the recorder, take a look at Sakahuchi
style Recorder playing. It is a wonderfully intuitive =A0practice called
Zen Flute.