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Utopia Records Is Proud To Introduce To The World Smooth Jazz Baritone Saxophonist Rebecca Buxton

Utopia Records Rebecca Buxton - An innovative jazz musician in command of her Baritone Saxophone. Rebecca is poised to take on the Smooth Jazz World with her bold, slick and strong sound. A taste of Rebecca's deep powerful resonance can be heard on Alfonzo Blackwell's ( latest CD "Dance To This" where she is featured on the track "Back it up". Among her many wonderful talents as a baritone sax player Rebecca is also an accomplished Flautist and Clarinetist. Some of her greatest influences have been Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins. Keep a close watch for a few sample tracks from Rebecca's new Smooth Jazz project.

o Soulful & Powerful Bari Saxophonist
o Flute/Clarinet
o Songwriter
As this coming year kicks into high gear, Utopia Records is very busy with so many, many things... You get the hottest and latest news first, here at! So, keep coming back to Utopia Records to see & hear this brilliant artist at work with her new album to be released in 2008.

More smooth music and information about Rebecca Buxton coming soon.

Check back!