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Begun in January 1995, EFIP is a comprehensive information resource for all aspects of the type of music known as European free improvisation. Every effort has been made to check the information on this site as far as possible; in most cases the information has been sourced from the musicians themselves.

Definitively describing this music in a single precise term or expression is extremely difficult. After 30 years, there is still no descriptor that is universally accepted and understood. For example, many people still seem to automatically assume that free improvisation is free jazz, or at least "it must be" a branch of jazz, because jazz is the one form of music where improvisation is a recognised and acknowledged major part of the creative process.

Finally, please note that this is NOT a commercial site. It is created out of a love of the music, the recognition of a need for an information service in this subject area, and the desire to act as a focus for this music on the Internet.