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Earmaster 5 Interactive Ear Training Software

EarMaster ApS is a Danish music software company founded in 1994. Being musicians ourselves, our mission is to provide musicians with the most interactive and efficient ear training tool. EarMaster is created for musicians by musicians!

The EarMaster history goes back to 1992 where founder Hans Jakobsen was preparing for his conservatory training. He seriously needed to develop his musical ear fast, but could not find any effective ear training tools. Theses circumstances paved the way for the foundation of EarMaster.

Hans came up with the idea of using computers for ear training and by 1994 he had developed the first software program for ear training - a simple program primarily intended for music students. In 1996 the first edition of EarMaster saw the light of day. EarMaster not only addressed music students, who shared similar experiences, but now all musicians could benefit from our program - and from their own musical ear!

Starting up more than a decade ago with a DOS-based program and now having undoubtedly the best ear training software in the world - translated into 12 languages and distributed globally - tells us that a lot of ears need us!

So, allow yourself to play better by hearing better. Because in music, we're all earsTM