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Learning Jazz

Jazz Camps
  Jazz Camp is a perfect vehicle for intensive immersion-type learning. Typically offer a balanced curriculum of theory, technique, group, and individual training.

Jazz Workshops
  A workshop is an ideal place to find focused learning on specific areas of jazz. While some workshops are longer, a typical length is a weekend or day. Look here for resources of excellent jazz workshops.

Jazz Teachers
  In the spectrum of resources (from all the way from exposure to inspirational performances to self-discovery) there exists a wide chunk known as teachers. If we want to go very far in jazz we will need to visit every part of this spectrum. Just make sure you don't neglect to get a healthy dose of "teachers." It is part of their job description to offer guideance. This is something often lacking in other resources.

   Independent Teachers
   Online Teachers

Tips on Jazz
  We all have something to share -- experts and novice alike. Whether it be a cool trick for catching those high notes or a work-around for a glitch in a piece of popular music software.

This is where to find one-on-one sharing of tips and tricks that have helped us and may help you as well.

Jazz Lessons
  Look here for a wide array of individual and organized lessons. Thanks to the advent of moveable type, recording, and the internet there is a vast reservoir of material available to us.

Jazz Resources
  There is a tremendous wealth of online resources for learning jazz. These are built by teachers, students, and services from many different segments of the cyber-community. Some are subscription based, some are fee based, and a growing number are participation based. Check here for free and inexpensive online learning tools.