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  As volunteers submit biographies of significant influences in jazz, we shall post them here. They are not in any particular order, other than in the that which someone gets around to sending one in. That's a hint that if you have a musician you'd like to send a bio of, use our contact form to let us know.

FYI (For Your Information)
  This is a catch all of useful information submitted by various contributing writers -- such as the short "how to" on obtaining mechanical rights. If you have a "how to" or other useful tidbit that you'd like to contribute, use our contact form to let us know. If the article is of general interest to the jazz community, this might be the perfect place for it.

  A few fun bits to entertain and amuse. We have already accumulated a fair collection of jazz related jokes and cartoons. If you have some to send in, we have a handy submit form just for that purpose.