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Cynthia Henderson's Lady Day Album

I remember the sounds emanating from the studio the day New York Off-Broadway actress and dramatic professor Cynthia Henderson started recording her Lady Day album.

Henderson had strongly denied any singing ability, so when I heard what sounded like Lady Day coming live from the studio where Jimmy Accardi and Oz Fritz were engineering her session, I thought that they were reviewing a recording of Billie Holiday herself.

I was totally surprised to learn that it had been Henderson's voice that I'd heard through the control room door. I'd long been a fan of Billie Holiday and had heard her throughout my childhood and young adult years, and this was quite a shock, to hear a living legend live once again, almost as if she were being invoked, channeled, as you might hear a spirit voice come through a medium.

Well, I'm still waiting for the release of that album; Henderson got busy bringing her kids through the acting process, doing plays in New York and many other projects, and Accardi and Fritz got busy doing other recording projects, leaving the album unfinished and unreleased. Maybe they'll get back together on this and complete it. If and when they do, I know it will knock the socks off anyone, even those who swear there will never be another one like the original Lady Day.