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Joe Croyle...A Tribute to Mel Torme`

There are only a handful of artists that are superb in their ability to sing a song. Without a doubt, Joe Croyle is that kind of singer. The complex yet easy style, which clearly is his own, leads you down the path of vocal range and precision that makes it a joy to listen to. Although gifted in many other styles of singing, Joe has chosen jazz because of the inner connection he feels when he sings. Vocally dynamic, his song stylings are reminiscent of the late great Mel Torme`, and his use of breath control and phrasing is unsurpassed.

Joe's song styling is extraordinary and with his mastery of breath control and suburb phrasing he can spin a song into a beautiful musical painting. The songs on his new cd "Joe Croyle...A Tribute to Mel Torme" shows the technical vocal versatility that has taken years to master.

Joe's relationship with jazz is very unique. Being a studio singer early on, he got top level training in some of the best studios in Los Angeles, and worked with great singers and arrangers in all of those areas. His musicianship is what a true jazz listener would expect to find only from the great artists of the past. Joe brings that powerful feeling to the present with all of the finesse and professionalism one could ever hope to find.

With almost 40 years of singing professionally, Joe's passion has never ceased to grow. There is truly a gifted artist in the music that he sings and adores. With all of the talent and diversity Joe brings to his music, it is no wonder that people pleasure in the sound of his voice.