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For any new jazz artist the first CD represents quite an event. Getting the word out about a first CD is not often easy.

TJW offers this free listing service to provide emerging artists a safe (no fee) place to spread the word, and to provide the jazz community access to new artists.

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"You're Nearer: Love Songs of the 30's and 40's"
 Vocal Classic Jazz, ensemble driven record.Lindsey Muir's sweet, smoky style is all about a young, expressive singer hunkering deep down inside the heart of a song's lyrics and melody. With the release of her self produced debut album “You're Nearer: Love Songs of the '30s and '40s,” and her recent festival debut at The Litchfield Jazz Festival, Lindsey is more than ready to be a prime time player in her own right. Lindsey projects the feeling that she's loved, lived with, and been deeply moved by the 11 songs on her album.

JazzTimes calls Muir's voice "pure and sparkling, her range impressive."

Dave Hersh from says "The album is a thumbs up...and not just a stab at entertaining!" Looking forward to "...seeing how high [her] star rises".

Agrippa's 3 Books
 bass clarinet quartetThe world's only composing group of four bass clarinetists, Edmund Welles are purveyors of Heavy Chamber Music. Combining equal parts from jazz, classical, and rock, guided by the deep sonority and expressive range of the bass clarinet. Muzak for conspiracy theorists, songs of Lunacy & Purpose. Influences include Black Sabbath, Howlin Wolf, and Wendy Carlos.

Joe Croyle...A Tribute to Mel Torme`
 Jazz VocalThis CD is a wonderful compilation of singing dexterity and musically. Joe Croyle has picked up the torch with his own considerble vocal clout, once again has lit up that long ago landscape of exquisite talent and taste.

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