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First CD
  Your first CD is something every recording artist does once. In some cases history may prove this CD to have been the best of the batch. Or, it can be one step of many on a publishing journey. Whichever the case we only have one first CD.

  This is a bit of a catch all of "what's happening now" in jazz. Here you'll find everything from The International Jazz Day to a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new Jazz Museum.

  Some events mark definite milestones in jazz. Through the contributions of scholars, teachers, interested fans and feature writers this area is growing.

  These page contains information about educational and scholarly conferences on the subject of jazz.

It should be noted that in addition to containing a wealth of content on the scholarly aspects of jazz they have some of the greatest performances one could hope to see.

Jazz Art
  There is a long history of association between jazz and art. Artists playing jazz, jazz musicians making art, art about jazz, and even jazz about art.

Recently there has emerged a new synthesis of art and jazz on stage. The use of fine art backdrops and fine art space dressing during jazz performances has produced a dynamic merging of the two art forms.