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Sirius invites you to partake in our incomparable music collection of contemporary smooth jazz, classic bebop and beyond.

 RIFFRiff brings America’s indigenous music, Jazz to a global audience by presenting legendary names like Miles Davis, Count Basie, and Ella Fitzgerald, with today’s artists like Arturo Sandoval, Diana Krall and Joe Sample to another generation.

Riff also blends the ever-widening range of international jazz players like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ruben Gonzales and Cesaria Evora to our global audience as well.

XM Radio Jazz
 XM 70
XM 71
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XM 73
Tune to XM Satellite Radio for more Jazz, more Blues, more ways. In a mellow mood? High time for something hot? Too cool ain't cool enough? Choose your moments with channels for every hue of the Jazz & Blues palette.

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