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Visual Artists

Jazz art falls into many categories.

  • Portraiture of jazz musicians.
  • Art about the jazz scene.
  • Art used for stage set and dressing.
  • Art that expresses the spirit of jazz.
  • Art created by celebrated jazz performers.
Any and all of the above play an important part in jazz. Without the visual element of jazz art the jazz community would be missing a valuable piece of the puzzle.

Fine Artists
  A growing number of musicians are trying their hands at fine art and a growing number of fine artists are turning their attentions to jazz as a subject of their work. Jazz art has been with us almost from the day that jazz was born and it's here to stay. These artists are part of that.

Graphic Artists
  CD covers, web graphics, posters, billboards, fliers, tickets, even logos for a groups drum head... all of these spring from the creative talents of graphic artists.

  Where would we be without the visual chronicles passed down to us by photographers? Photography goes way beyond album covers and promotional shots. Photography puts a face to the music and gives us a glimpse into moment -- past and present.

Photographers are a resource and an artform rolled into one.

Stage Set & Dressing
  Artists are contributing more and more to the dressing of performance venues -- large and small. This trend is especially evident following the example set at IAJE these past five years. There is much that can be accomplished with a fusion of sound and vision between musicians and fine artists.