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The Jazz Website is all about nurturing the next generation of jazz. This includes new musicians, new music, older musicians with new inspiration, new audiences discovering classic jazz, new releases of old-time favorites and much, much more.

We are pleased to present articles submitted by our many readers in addition to a wide spectrum of celebrity feature writers. Depth of content and perspective is important to capture the flavor of the evolving form of jazz.

The Jazz Website is supported in whole through the generous donations of sponsors. This is as it should be. We find the current trend of exploiting emerging musicians by charging them for exposure and listings to be counter-productive to an aim of nurturing the next generation of jazz.

Economic censorship is a problem in every creative field. Many new musicians, and even old time favorites, cannot afford the several hundred dollars a month charged by websites to promote music by those with a dream.

Through the generous participation of our many sponsors we are able to offer an alternative. At The Jazz Website our content and exposure is offered free of charge to those who can benefit. We believe in the long run this will serve to build a stronger, more productive environment for all of us in the jazz community -- vendors, labels, musicians, and music lovers alike.